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華戀  ♀
Wa Luen
Hwa Len,  Hua Lian,  Hua Lien,  Wah Luen

Filmography (1970-1972)
  Actor (8 films)
    The King of Song (1970)    
    The Ghost's Sword (1971) ... Li Hsiao-Feng
    The Five Devil Ghost (1971)    
    The Evil Karate (1971) ... Sze-To's 3rd sister
    The Matchless Conqueror (1971)    
    The Mighty One (1971) ... Mo Hui Shu
    The Death Duel (1972) ... Tong Yu-Juan
    Triangular Duel (1972) ... Pei Chin
  All her movies are directed or produced by Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong