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郭武星  ♂
Gwak Mu-Seong
Tony Kwok,  Kwok Miu-Sing,  Alain Ko,  Kwok Chung-Sit,  Kuo Wu-Sing,  Mario Chan,  Kwak Mu-Seong

Filmography (1976-1983)
  Actor (16 films)
    The Best Disciple (1976)    
    Special Mission (1976)    
    The Last Fist of Fury (1977)    
    Lone Shaolin Avenger (1977)    
    Dynamo (1978)    
    Return of Fist of Fury (1978)    
    Dragon from Shaolin (1978) ... Siu
    Four Infernos to Cross (1978)    
    Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw (1979) ... Lui Ting-Ching
    Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1979) ... Snake man
    The Undefeatable Sword and Martial Arts (1980)    
    The Story of Murim Wicked Man (1980)    
    Eagle vs. Silver Fox (1980) ... Lee So
    Red Rattlesnake (1981)    
    Warriors of Kung Fu (1982)    
    Mantis Under Falcon Claws (1983) ... Wang