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Ho Mei-Ching
He Mei-Ching,  Ho Mei-Ging,  Ho Mie-King
Filmography (1973-1980)
  Planning (1 film)
    The Living Buddha Chikung (1975)    
  Production Manager (11 films)
    The Revenge Dragon (1973)    
    The Snake Girl Drops In (1974)    
    The Wedding of Chung Kuei's Sister (1976)    
    Golden Nun (1977)    
    Lung Wei Village (1978)    
    The Demons in the Flame Mountain (1978)    
    The Merciful Buddha (1979)    
    Mad Woman for Eighteen Years (1979)    
    I Fell in Love with Little Lover (1980)    
    Six Directions of Boxing (1980)    
    The Horrible Honeymoon Tour (1980)