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邵囤人  ♂
Runde Shaw
Run De Shaw,  Shao Cun-Ren,  Shao Ren-Di,  Shaw Run-De,  Siu Chuen-Yan
Born: 1898 (China) - Died: September 18th, 1973

Filmography (1926-1959)
  Director (1 film)
    Mourning of the Chaste Tree Flower (1934)    
  Writer (3 films)
    The Pearl Pagoda (1926)    
    It's Unlucky to Be a Woman (1931)    
    A Movie Star (1933)    
  Producer (31 films)
    Mourning of the Chaste Tree Flower (1934)    
    Seduction on the Plains (1940)    
    The Marriage Trap (1941)    
    The Black Knight (1941)    
    Children of the Earth (1945)    
    Bitter Phoenix, Sorrowful Oriole (1947)    
    Chang E Dashing to the Moon (1947)    
    Red Roses (1952)    
    Back Home Again (1952)    
    Black Gloves (1953)    
    A Midsummer Night's Love (1953)    
    Beyond the Grave (1954)    
    Lady in Distress (1957)    
    Springtime in Paradise (1957)    
    A Mellow Spring (1957)    
    He Has Taken Him for Another (1957)    
    A Marriage for Love (1957)    
    The Lady of Mystery (1957)    
    Love with an Alien (1958)    
    A Kiss for Me (1958)    
    Diau Charn (1958)    
    Murder on a Wedding Night (1958)    
    An Appointment After Dark (1958)    
    The Angel (1958)    
    The Unforgettable Night (1958)    
    Red Lantern (1958)    
    The Blessed Family (1958)    
    The Magic Touch (1958)    
    Where Is My Bride? (1958)    
    Full of Joy (1959)    
    Black Gold (1959)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Lady in Distress (1957)    
  From Ningbo, established Tianyi Film Company (also called Unique) in Shanghai in the early 1920s, later Unique would be renamed Nanyang, later to become Shaw and Sons, with Runde replacing Runje as the Shaw Studios boss in Hong Kong