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Lai Siu-Shan
Filmography (1935-1948)
  Actor (18 films)
    Burning of the Efang Palace (1935) ... King Or
    Crinma of Passion (1936)    
    The Woman Thief (1936)    
    The Sun Rises Again (1937) ... Chung Ho
    The Polygamist, Part Two (1937) ... 7th Son
    Hero of the Times (1937)    
    The Story of a Swordswoman (1940)    
    The Swordswoman of the Wild River: Against the Han Clan (1940)    
    The Emperor Goes South (1940) ... Emperor Chien Lung
    The Yunnan Insurrection (1940)    
    The Flying Bandit (1940)    
    Twin Sisters (1940)    
    Murder of the Doppelganger (1941)    
    The River Serenade (1941)    
    Emperor Qian Long's Trip to South China (1946)    
    Chang E Dashing to the Moon (1947)    
    Who's the Murderer? (1947)    
    Wiping Out the Spider Gang (1948)