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Wong Chong
Wong Chung
Filmography (1939-1963)
  Art Director (14 films)
    Revenge of the Haunted Souls (1939)    
    Welcome the God of Wealth (1948)    
    My Love Is Like the Wind of Spring (1949)    
    When a Woman Enters a Man's Home (1949)    
    Third Madame Educates Her Son (1949)    
    The Pauper King (1949)    
    Cast Aside the Beloved One (1949)    
    Tragedy on the Pearl River (1950)    
    Spring Comes and Winter Goes (1950)    
    Tragedy in Canton (1951)    
    Sons of the Earth (1952)    
    Witch, Devil, Gambler (1952)    
    The Dividing Wall (1952)    
    The House of 72 Tenants (1963)