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Tsai Chang-Chi
Choi Cheung-Gat
Filmography (1959-1970)
  Actor (11 films)
    Monarch Meng Li Takes Off His Boots (1959)    
    Wu Zi Gao Ye Zhuang (1961)    
    Mu Lian Saves Mother (1962)    
    Wu Tang Hsiao Chien Ke (1962)    
    Wu Tang Hsiao Chien Ke (Finale) (1962)    
    Lie Nv Yang Fu (1962)    
    The Quadrals of the Los' (1968)    
    Hero of the Heroes (1968)    
    Eight Beauties (1969)    
    The Whirl-Wind Knight (1969)    
    The Fugitive (1970)