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朴魯植  ♂
Park Nou-Sik
Piu Liu-Chik,  Piao Lu-Zhi,  Lu Chieh
Born: February 4th, 1930 (South Korea) - Died: April 3rd, 1995

Filmography (1966-1970)
  Actor (12 films)
    Princess Iron Fan (1966)    
    The Goddess of Mercy (1966) ... General on bridge
    The International Secret Agents (1966) ... Bai Min
    That Man in Chang-An (1967) ... General Lu Kun
    Mounted Bandits (1967) ... Bai Lang (White Wolf)
    Breakthrough in Shanghai (1967)    
    The Eunuch (1968) ... Captain Gwang-Jin
    Flying Tiger (1968)    
    Two Dragons-Sword (1969) ... Lu Yong-Tan
    The Partisan Lovers (1969)    
    The Shanghai Provisional Government (1969)    
    Swordsmen From Eight Provinces (1970)    
  This Korean actor was a sensation across Asia after winning best actor at the 13th Asian Film Festival for Princess Cheol-Seon. He became one of the hottest stars in Korea and had starred in numerous Korean pictures. He also starred in Shaw Brothers' That Man In Chang-An. [Celestial Pictures/IVL]