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楊月帆  ♀
Yang Yueh-Fan
Yeung Yut-Fan,  Yue Fan

Filmography (1955-1971)
  Actor (82 films)
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (1955) ... Madame Wang
    Fan Li and Hsi Shih (1956) ... Hsi Shih's mother
    Yun He Xun Qing Ji (1956) ... Controler
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Sequel) (1957) ... Madame Wang
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Chapter Three) (1957) ... Madame Wang
    Chen Chun-Sheng and Ma Yi-Shun (1957)    
    Murder at Room 7, Keelung City (1957)    
    Boundless Bird (1957)    
    Da Qiao Qing Lei (1957) ... Lin Bao-Gui
    Who's Crime (1957)    
    Stone Flower (1957)    
    Black Cat and Black Dog (1958)    
    Wu Dan Ying Xiong (1958)    
    Get Son for Wealth (1958)    
    Beauty Lures Man (1958)    
    Really Hard to Realize Beeing Jilted (1958)    
    Who's Crime (Sequel) (1958)    
    The Reborn Flower (1958)    
    Yin Yuan Tien Chu Ting (1958)    
    Island Girl (1958)    
    Beggar Chao's Son-in-law (1959)    
    Tears of a Wife (1959)    
    The First Prize (1959)    
    The Sin of a Man (1959)    
    The Sin of a Man (Part 2) (1959)    
    The Sin of a Man (Part 1 & 2) (1959)    
    Pigsy Rescues vs Leopard (1959)    
    Autumn Hate (1960)    
    Brother Liu and Brother Wang Have a Good New Year (1961)    
    Gan Lu Chu Shi (1961)    
    Second Degree, Part 1 (1961) ... Fairy Song Hwa
    Second Degree, Part 2 (1961) ... Fisherman's grandma
    Good Neighbors (1962) ... Huang Li-Yu
    The Liar Ah Chi (1962)    
    Ah Ding Disturbs Dance Ensemble (1962)    
    Romance at Lung Shan Temple (1962)    
    Still Virgin (1962)    
    The Liar Ah Chi, Part II (1962)    
    Five Difficult Traps (1962)    
    Qi Ye Ba Ye (1962)    
    Living Buddha Ji Gong (1963)    
    Ximending Boy (1963)    
    Shou Qian Nu (1963)    
    Waiting for You Year After Year (1963)    
    Last Train Out of Kaohsiung (1963)    
    Luo Han Jiao (1963)    
    Hong Mu Yu Zai (1963)    
    Nine Women and One Man (1963)    
    Scared of Husband (1963)    
    One Inch Master (1963)    
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (1963)    
    Miss Su Lan Wants to Marry (1963)    
    Happy Ship Enters Harbour (1963)    
    Cao Ming Lon Ji Gong (1964)    
    Taipeh Water Gate No. 14 (1964)    
    Gu Nu Ling Po (1964)    
    Blind Husband's Deaf and Mute Wife (1964)    
    18 Years of Heartache (1964)    
    Yida Married To Beggar (1964)    
    Bride in Hell (1965) ... Housekeeper Mrs. Liu
    Song Jun Xin Mian Mian (1965)    
    Rotten Quilt (1965)    
    Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)    
    I Love Dad (1966)    
    Brother Ah Gou and Yi Da (1966)    
    Zhen Jia Hong Mei Gui Dou Fa (1966)    
    Ma Ma San Ke Pan (1966)    
    Spy Red Rose (1966)    
    More Children Let Father Starve (1966)    
    Geisha (1966)    
    Old Longevity Old Youth (1966) ... Old wife
    True and False 007 (1966)    
    Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu (1967) ... Gui-Jia's mother
    Mai Bu Xiong Ge Da Nao Tao Hua Gong (1967)    
    The Sentimental (1967)    
    Who Is My Husband? (1967)    
    Go East Go West to Celebrate (1968)    
    You Get What You Pay For (1968)    
    Kang Ding Walks Taipei (1969)    
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1969)    
    Black Widow's Life (1969)    
    Marriage Problems (1971)    
  Yang Yue-fan started her career as a theatre actress during the colonial era and entered the Taiwanese-language film industry in 1955. Because of her big size and unattractive looks, she often performed as a shrew, and was paired with tinier male actors such as Ai Zai-cai or Jin Tu