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Niu Lang
Ngau Long
Filmography (1957-1969)
  Actor (15 films)
    Wine Bottle Flower (1957)    
    Stepmother and Before (1959)    
    Dumb and the Aunt (1959)    
    Pigsy Rescues vs Leopard (1959)    
    Sleepwalking Beauty Island (1964)    
    Taipeh People (1965)    
    Xue Zhong Deng Zi Er (1965)    
    Brother Ah Gou and Yi Da (1966)    
    More Children Let Father Starve (1966)    
    Silly Brother (1966)    
    Drifter Searching for Lover (1967)    
    True Story of Ah Hsi (1967)    
    Shao Jiu Immortal Cause Havoc On Women Island (1968)    
    Brother Ah San Enters Town (1969)    
    Drifting Shao Wine Immortal (1969)    
  Makeup (1 film)
    Bitter Heart (1957)