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陳文森  ♂
Chen Wen-Sen
Chen Man-Sen,  Chan Man-Sam,  Chen Wen-Shing,  Chen Wen-Sheng,  Cheng Wun-Sen,  Chen Wen-Sun,  Chen Man-Sum
Born: 1924
Filmography (1975-1992)
  Producer (21 films)
    The Majesty Cat (1975)    
    The Greatest Plot (1977)    
    Two Assassins of the Darkness (1977)    
    Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, Wild Fire (1977)    
    The Golden Mask (1977)    
    The Mar's Villa (1977)    
    Misty Love (1978)    
    The Souls of the Sword (1978)    
    It's Sunset Again (1978)    
    Two Great Cavaliers (1978)    
    Dual Flying Kicks (1978)    
    The Idiot Swordsman (1978)    
    My Blade, My Life (1978)    
    The Dream Sword (1979)    
    The Merciful Buddha (1979)    
    The Kings of Fists and Dollars (1979)    
    Mad Woman for Eighteen Years (1979)    
    The Fate (1979)    
    Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (1980)    
    Death Cage (1989)    
    L'Air Du Temps (1990)    
  Presenter (14 films)
    The Demons in the Flame Mountain (1978)    
    Misty Rain Knocking My Window (1979)    
    Cripple Lee Becomes Immortal (1979)    
    Everlasting Chivalry (1979)    
    A Hero's Tears (1979)    
    One Wife Is Good Enough (1979)    
    Shao-Lin Red Master (1979)    
    The Romantic Double Rings (1979)    
    Awe Inspiring Weapon (1980)    
    Dragon on the Shaolin Tower (1980)    
    The Horrible Honeymoon Tour (1980)    
    Coming with a Gun (1981)    
    Iron Neck Li (1981)    
    A Kid from Tibet (1992)    
  Chief Producer (1 film)
    Love Is Love (1986)    
  Planning (2 films)
    Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1977)    
    The Deadly Silver Spear (1977)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Kuei-Mei, a Woman (1985)    
    A Time to Live, a Time to Die (1986)    
  Founder of i Film Co. (萬國電影公司) which was founded in 1976 He ran the Taiwanese theater chain 今日院線 (Today Cinemas) and was known for helping independent production companies