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Liu Zhong-Hao
Lau Chung-Hou
Filmography (1939-1950)
  Producer (16 films)
    Out of the Hell (1939)    
    The New Hell (1939)    
    Dong Xiao Wan (1939)    
    Singing with Tears (1939)    
    Meng Jiang Nu (1939)    
    The Emerald Hairpin (1940)    
    Dr. Li and Dongfang Shuo (1940)    
    Xi Fen Fei (1941)    
    People Without Names (1947)    
    Looking for a Marriage (1948)    
    Good Trip (1948)    
    The Soul of the Black River (1948)    
    Shadows in the Old House (1948)    
    Story of a Street-Singing-Girl (1948)    
    The Last Days of the Winter (1949)    
    Qing Deng Yuan (1950)