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鳳飛飛  ♀
Feng Fei-Fei
Pinyin: fèng fēi fēi
Fung Fei-Fei ,  Fong Fei-Fei,  Lin Chiu-luan,  Lin Chien

影視作品 / Filmography (1973-1983)
  演員 / Actor (1973-1983)
    溫暖在秋天 / Warmth in the Autumn (1976)    
    秋纏 / Golden Leaves (1976)    
    明天20歲 / Tomorrow I'm 20 (1976)    
    男歡女愛 / Love Competition (1976)    
    台北77 / Taipei 77 (1977)    
    秋蓮 / Chu Lien (1979) ... 秋蓮 / Chu-Lien
    春寒 / Love in Chilly Spring (1979) ... 林秀蘭 / Lin Hsiu-Lan
    就是溜溜的她 / Cute Girl (1980) ... 潘文琦 / Pan Wen Qi
    風兒踢踏踩 / Cheerful Wind (1981)    
    四傻害羞 / The Four Sheepish Dummies (1983)    
  主唱 / Singer
    卿本多情 / Unchained Melody (1973)    
    十七十七十八 / Sweet Seventeen (1974)    
    碧城故事 / Seventy Two Hours in Green Town (1974)    
    玫瑰戀 / Blood and Rose (1975)    
    不一樣的愛 / Different Love (1976)    
    明天20歲 / Tomorrow I'm 20 (1976)    
    海誓山盟 / Love Forever (1976)    
    夏日假期玫瑰花 / Trio Love (1976)    
    落葉飄飄 / Deep Autumn Love (1976)    
    台北66 / Taipei 66 (1977)    
    一顆紅豆 / A Love Seed (1978)    
    月朦朧鳥朦朧 / The Misty Moon (1978)    
    剪刀石頭布 / Melody of Love (1978)    
    雁兒在林梢 / The Wild Goose on the Wing (1979)    
    楓葉情 / Forever My Love (1979)    
    四傻害羞 / The Four Sheepish Dummies (1983)    
  Feng Fei Fei started her career by acting and hosting Taiwanese television series back in 1971. With her first single released in the same year, Feng's incomparable voice had brought her to fame in the Asian music industry. Nicknamed "The Hat Diva" because Feng always wore different kind of stylish hats while performing her songs on the stage, her classic songs include "I'm A Cloud", "When I Hear Your Applause", "Chasing Dreams" and more.

Her breakthrough came in 1972 when the struggling singer was cast in a successful television drama under the new screen name Fong Fei-fei. Album deals and more television appearances followed, making Fong a household name. The performer was further propelled to superstardom in the late 1970s when she started singing movie theme songs for the big-screen adaptations of romance novels by Chiung Yao. Both the songs and movies, including I Am a Cloud and The Wild Goose on the Wing, were immensely popular at the time.