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彭瑞祥  ♂
Peng Rui-Xiang
拼音: péng ruì xiáng
Rosa Peng,  Peng Rui-Xiang,  Peng Ruixiang,  彭兆祥,  Losa Pang Siu-Cheung,  Pang Shiu Cheung,  Rui Xiang Peng,  Peng Rui Xiang,  Peng, Rui Xiang,  Rosa Pang

影視作品 / Filmography (1995-2022)
  藝術總監 / Creative Director
    烈探 / Fierce Cop (2022)    
  美術總監 / Production Designer
    新步步驚心 / Time to Love (2015)    
  監製 / Producer
    早見晚愛 / Day of Redemption (2013)    
  聯合製片人 / Associate Producer
    刀見笑 / The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman (2011)    
  聯合監製 / Co-Producer
    與你同在的夏天 / One Summer with You (2005)    
  美術指導 / Art Director
    大話英雄 / Lying Hero (1995)    
  Rosa Pang, a Hong Kong filmmaker based in Beijing, is an alumnus of Simon Fraser University's Fine and Performing Arts program. His entry into the film industry began with Salon Films (Hong Kong) Ltd., where his first significant role was in the art department of John Lone's "Shadow of China." Rosa has since built a diverse career as an art director in numerous Hollywood films and TV productions, while also acquiring experience in documentaries, industrial films, TV commercials, theatrical image design, and live projection direction for symphony concerts.

Transitioning into directing, Rosa has helmed TV commercials and industrial videos, balancing these responsibilities with his art directing roles in films. Notably, his work on the short film "Hong Kong - The Colours of Life" for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, produced during his tenure at Salon Films, garnered international acclaim.

Since relocating to Beijing in the early 2000s, Rosa has directed successful projects for high-profile clients like BMW, Nike, ZDF, China Unicom, MSN, Siemens, and The Palace Museum, among others. In recent years, he has focused on producing, directing and designing for Mainland Chinese films and virtual production animation projects.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: PSC [source]

Rosa is the co-founder of October Pictures in Hong Kong. He was the Art Director for several US martial arts films including Double Impact and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.