Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998)
Reviewed by: adamas85 on 2006-12-17
Summary: A fine film and worthy watch
Andrew Lau once again brings the legendary characters of Cow-Man’s ‘Teddy Boy’ comics to life in this gritty triad story. I mention the term gritty as the story seems to be lot darker and violent than its predecessors, there is frequent beatings, heroin addictions, Ho-Nam’s mother passing away, Ho-Nam being tortured and Ho-Nam’s drug related nightmare. The film is also set around the time of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, throughout the film you see many extras standing around televisions watching the events unfold.

The movie also has several subplots, there is relationship between Ho-Nam and one of his class mates Kelly, it’s the obvious bad boy pines for the rich good girl, but it just seems to sizzle out to nothing. Then there is the relationship between Big Head (Daniel Wu) and his girlfriend Fei (Shu Qi), Head’s hot temper puts a heavy strain on their relationship and it leads Fei off into a subtle relationship with Ho-Nam, which also sizzles out to be nothing. There is also the back story of the relationship between Ho-Nam and his mother and step-father and the storyline of Kwan’s (Francis Ng) betrayal to the Hung Hing.

I must admit Nicholas Tse does a pretty good job, people have started to rate his performance over Ekin Chengs, mainly because Tse is showing more emotional, but I think that is because this his how Ho-Nam was like as a teenager, but growing up he’s became stronger, but that’s just my opinion.

There is also a nice little movie reference to Portland Street Blues, which is a spin-off movie from the Young & Dangerous series which is based on the past of ‘Sister 13’ played by the lovable Sandra Ng. There reference is when Ho-Nam and the gang go to kill ‘Bill’, but with the Tung Sing gang attacking them, the four friends spread out and Pou-Pan gets lost, he asks two young ladies, ‘Where am I?’, the young ladies actually are Sandra Ng and Kirsty Yeung. If you’ve seen PSB’s you’ll find this to be a nice little in-joke.

Notable appearances? Well apart from Sandra Ng and Kirsty Yeung, Lee Sui-Kei makes an appearance as his famous character ‘Kei’, Law Lan makes her appearance as Ho-Nam’s grandmother, Michael Chan makes an appearance as the leader of the Tung Sing triads and Yuen Bun makes an appearance as a police officer.

Final thoughts, a fine film and worthy watch, enjoy it!

Reviewer Score: 7