Exiled (2006)
Reviewed by: steve_cole1 on 2007-01-14
Summary: Johnnie To does Sergio Leone
Johnnie To does an Eastern Western set in Macao the action scenes are great and are very simular to the John Woo of old like the last scene is simular to ABT2 minus loads of grenades. The music is the second best non canto pop soundtrack behind Infernal Affairs that i have heard in a HK film and it is good to see them using their own music not like in the 80s like in young master where they stole music from Holsts the planets pity there is no soundtrack you can buy.
All actors are great especially Francis Ng and it is good that they put no teeny bopper who cant act arron kwok jay chou e.t.c to ruin it.
On the whole my favourite HK film of the year
Reviewer Score: 8