Initial D (2005)
Reviewed by: adamas85 on 2007-02-08
The cast is a great, I loved seeing Kenny Bee and Anthony Wong portrayed as fathers. Chapman To's character Istaka was a little off, I don't think he can pull off the teenager look for much longer, he naturally looks like a young man in his late twenties, where as at the time he's was 33. I think Jay Chou made a great lead, he's a fresh face to the movie scene, he's young, talented and handsome he will have had the young ladies slobbering for a piece of Chou. But for the red blooded males there is some top eye candy - Anne Suzuki, who you might remember as 'Milly' in 2002 Sci-Fi Action flick 'The Returner'. Anne's character 'Natsuki' is the sweet love interest of Takumi, although a dark subplot surfaces which reveals she isn't all that sweet & innocent. Shawn Yue & Edison Chen are now being portrayed as characters more around their own age, although Shawn Yue's pencil thin facial hair was a bit silly looking.

I think when I first saw posters for the movie reminds me of "Fast & Furious", obviously they aren't the same, I think that is the main reaction from people when they look at street racing movies. I have to admit I found this movie to be quite refreshing, it's not often in Hong Kong Cinema that you see many racing movies, sure there is some drift/street racing in Legend of Speed. Sure there is racing in Thunderbolt but that's more professional and the Moment Romance trilogy focus more on Motorcycles.

Now for those who have bought this movie on the 'Premier Asia' R2 DVD you'll be treated to a different sound track. What I mean is that all soundtrack for the film was done over with UK Soundtrack of various techo/dance music. For those who hate change, the original is included too, but I must say it isn't bad. I listened to the UK soundtrack by default and found that the music suited the film. The original soundtrack is also rather good, obviously different from the first but it doesn't spoil the tone of the film.

Final thoughts, fast, furious & refreshing. Enjoy!

Reviewer Score: 8