The Feeling of Love (1996)
Reviewed by: sleung on 1999-12-09
An overly-contrived romantic comedy starring Tanakeshi Kaneshiroand Athena Chu. Kaneshiro plays a man who sees the woman of his dreams (Chu) on the street. Attracted to her, he begins to follow her and when noticed is told to buzz off. As only the movies would allow, the woman turns out to be not only the woman of his dreams but his new boss and his new step-sister. This leads to all sorts of comedic (only in the minds of the writers) situations. The movie fails largely because of the poor writing and weak development of even the main characters. The chemistry between Chu and Kaneshiro is non-existent and you wonder why, at the end of the movie, these two people want to be with each other. Because there are a two or three imaginative, funny scenes, this movie rates a minimal pass grade of 55 out of 100. However, it really is for die-hard fans of Kaneshiro and/or Athena Chu only.

Reviewer Score: 5