Crazy Safari (1991)
Reviewed by: kachun on 1999-12-09
The film is an answer to the question, 'What if we crossed a _Mr. Vampire_ movie with _The Gods Must Be Crazy_?', and the results are actually quite funny at times. The story concerns a young man (Sam Christopher Chan) who goes to Britain with Lam Ching Yin to buy at an auction his ancestor, so he can be reburied back home. The corpse is re-animated by LCY into a hopping vampire to make their travel home a little easier. On the way back to HK, their chartered flight gets lost, and then the three end up bailing out, and parachuting into the African savannah. LCY and SCC get separated from the vampire on their way down. The two then spend the rest of the film trying to find the ancestral corpse, while the vampire finds its way to N!xau, and gets into a variety of ridiculous situations that involve N!xau, N!xau's fellow villagers and children, and (as you might expect in a HK film), a band of well-armed slave traders. Chow Sing Chi and Ng Man Tat's narration does not add a whole lot to the film, especially whenever they start bickering between themselves, but is useful at times. However the film is still lighthearted enough that I didn't care about such minor faults. It was fun fluff through and through, and a welcome change from the usual period fantasy or gritty triad picture.
Reviewer Score: 8