Red Shield (1991)
Reviewed by: kachun on 1999-12-09
Danny Lee stars in this police drama as Lui Te Ken, a member of the Royal HK Police's SDU unit who is teamed up with Wong Tin Tang (Leung Ka Yan) to chase after a particularly brutal band of arms smugglers. Shing Fui On makes an appearance as rival triad boss Shing Bill, who Lui and Wong try to tap for information. The movie has a moderately interesting plot, which includes parallel revenge motifs between the police and the triad members, but is ultimately muddled by bits of dumb humor as Wong chases after his wife who he suspects of cheating on him. Teresa Mo is completely wasted as Lui's suffering wife, whom Lui never seems to have time for. Her character is mousy and exists only to serve one or two plot points. (Is it my imagi- nation or has Teresa Mo been relegated to playing only two different roles: the quiet wife/girlfriend type and the rebellious teen/young woman type?) There are a few gripping moments in the film, particularly in the scene where Lui and Wong enter a Vietnamese refugee camp to capture a suspect. The film also appears to be more realistic than many of the other Hong Kong police movies, by actually having the police members speak *English* to British comrades and vice versa, instead of having non-Chinese speak perfect Cantonese or talk in Cantonese with an unplaceable accent. However the poorly handled relationships between the husbands, Wong and Lui, and their wives, manages to detract viewers from the other better made aspects of the film.