Love on Delivery (1994)
Reviewed by: kachun on 1999-12-09
Stephen Chow plays Ho Kam An (or Ah An as he's often called in the film), a food delivery boy who is a coward and is constantly picked on, from customers to his co-workers to the practicing soccer players that he runs into. This is until he runs into Lily who he wants to impress; and "Devil Killer," a con artist-type who convinces Ah An that he can teach him kung fu (with a separate fee for each move), so Ah An can beat Blackbear, who is also after Lily. That's the basic plot of the movie, and then it goes off in weird directions and odd angles that include Ah An dressed up in a Garfield mask as a hooded hero, a hilarious Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel kung fu move, post modernistic pop references from _Terminator 2_ to Ultra- man to _The Karate Kid_ to (I swear I think this might be a reference) the sultan's organ using people instead of pipes from _The Adventures of Baron Munchausen_. There is quite a bit of nonsense humor in this one, which one can expect from Chow, but not all of the jokes work all of the time. Some you see coming from a long way off, such as the scene where "Devil Killer" asks Ah An to roll down a long flight of steps to get rid of him. On the whole though, the film is enjoyable, and although not as good as Chow's best, it's worth the effort if you're in a really silly mood.