Satin Steel (1994)
Reviewed by: kachun on 1999-12-09
An okay action film, that seems rough in spots towards the end from the print that I saw. Some good fighting from the main characters, but the annoying boyfriend of Leung's partner should have been dropped from the script altogether. He's just there to add some cheap suspense by having him in danger from time to time. The _Lethal Weapon_ elements of the film (very evident from the start with Leung's suicidal tendencies) even go as far as nearly ripping off the music from the earlier movie! The buddy-buddy angle was not developed as much, but you don't care as much towards the end with the very good stuntwork and action scenes. Leung jumping in front of a moving train is terrific (although maybe it just seemed more impressive because my copy was sped up).
Reviewer Score: 6