Legend of the Dragon (1991)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2000-01-24
Summary: kung fool
Legend of the Dragon

Sing Jai is a naïve country boy with a talent for snooker . His father is a kung-fu master played by Yuen Wah and he sends the young Dragon off to Hong Kong with his dodgy uncle to make his fortune, where he becomes a snooker champion. This character succeeds, because although he’s a bit of a peasant, he’s not unbeleivably simple, as in Love on Delivery. The supporting cast are delightful, especially Yuen Wah and Theresa Mo as Dragons’ girlfriend and sparring partner.The scenes of Dragon and his ‘colleage’ (as he calls her) going on a sneaker shopping frenzy are very funny, as is their repressed relationship. We learn that peasants have bad hair and wear daggy tracksuits, fall dead asleep on the stroke of midnight, eat like pigs at any opportunity’ and are somewhat ignorant of the facts of life. They are however, righteous and full of energy and in the end they win out over the evil property developers, although not before the nailbiting climax in which Dragon plays British snooker ace Jimmy White.