The Mad Monk (1993)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2000-01-24
Summary: costume fest
Mad Monk

I kinda like this one but I know why it flopped at the box-office. It was too cold. Sing Jai didn’t fall in love with anyone, so there was no emotional engine behind it. What I’d like to know is, is that really Sing Jai’s back in the shower scene?! He looks awfully cheeky so its probably a joke.
He is a kind hearted god trying to prove to heaven that humanity isnt really so bad.
To do this he has to reform a murderer, a beggar and a prostitute.
Wong Chow San is the beggar and he is always good news, although he looks a little uncomfortable at times. Maggie Cheung as the prostitute parodies herself and Sing Jai at the same time. Anita Mui is great as Kuan Yin and Ng Man Tat is even sillier than usual. The costumes are gorgeous. I particularly favour that monks outfit with the brown pointy hat and beads. Very saucy, and what is in that pipe he’s smoking? One of Sing Jai’s defining features is that he loves to dress up. All of his movies feature the wildest outfits and this one is no exception. He has managed to assimilate everything that is good about the whole period, chopsocky experience into to his movies. Waaah! He is expressing such contagious amazement of the wondrousness of the world, which is a rare talent indeed. The Beauty Queen scene at the end was most surreal as is the whole movie. Some of the clapping is a little ironic.