Duel of Fists (1971)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2000-01-25
Summary: Thai dye
David Chiang is the son of a kung fu master in HK, who, on his dying bed, reveals the existance of a half-brother in Thailand and requests that David go and find him. He sets off to Thailand wearing the most outrageous seventies cowboy suit and as the movie progresses his outfits get wilder and wilder. All he knows about his brother is that he is a professinal kickboxer with a tattoo on his right arm. Thai boxing is accompanied by demented pipe band and the combatants do a ritual dance beforehand. They then commence beating each other senseless using every weapon except the head, and every target except the groin. As they fight the music gets faster and more intense and the crowd roars. It’s all very dramatic, especially as it requires Ti Lung to wear nothing but a pair of the most microscopic silk boxershorts.
The plot is the usual mix of triad baddies and brotherly bonding, but the stellar presences, the scenery and the costumes set this movie apart. The functional side of tight polyester flares is finally revealed!