Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979)
Reviewed by: GlennS on 2000-05-29
This excellent film stars Liu Chia-liang (who also directed and did action choreography) as a Peking Opera performer and monkey stylist who along with his sister (Kara Hui Ying-hung) visit wealthy brothel owner Lo Lieh after a performance. Lo Lieh has his eyes on Kara to be part of his business so he blackmails Liu and through a chain of events, Liu's hands become crippled. Liu becomes a street performer who along the way meets a young troublemaker (Hsiao Ho) who always stirs up trouble with the local militia. Eventually Liu takes Hsiao as his student and teaches him "Monkey Kung-fu" to exact revenge on Lo Lieh.

MMKF isn't at the level of Liu Chia-liang's best directorial works (Challenge of the Ninja and 8 Diagram Pole Fighter) but it's still a very enjoyable film with good humor and wonderful Monkey style displays.


Reviewer Score: 8