Hard Boiled (1992)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2000-08-21
Summary: crazy
this has got to be crazy, the story is crazy, the exageration is crazy, the acting is good though. Still it is crazy. So crazy, just crazy. The gun battle at the end in the hospital is unbelievably exagerated to the point where you can almost believe Chow yun fat is a super man and can excrete solid gold if the solar constellations are correctly aligned. Now that is how exagerated it is.

After I watched it the first time I could not believe Woo can do such a sucky injustice, but then I watched it a second time to make sure... and I was right, it is an injustice. Crazy. I was so infuriated that I took the tape out the video to the front door and beat it with a base ball bat.

My brother later told me that he borrowed the tape off his friend.