Prince Charming (1999)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2000-08-24
Summary: this is the mother crushing pile of schnit
I don't believe this schnit. For starters, the vcd did not have a case for it and also it was filmed in the cinema - the mobile phones and guys walking around give it away. Also the quality was bad, it was jerky and the sound was real bad.

So naturally I took the vcd back to the vendor and complained; he told me to go to "hum ga chan" on "puk street". That did not help so I called the police and they sorted it out. But still I did not get a refund. So I went back and found that the store had closed down. What did they expect if they don't give you even the vcd cases to people. So I searched around and round and found him. It was not too good. He then called his mates and they took me to their front door and beat me with a base ball bat.

Later I found out they were triads and those vcd's were pirate.

Oh yeah, the film was boring, not funny and was painful to watch - especially when you just got beaten up.

And they don't even find the mother in the end.