When Fortune Smiles (1990)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2000-08-26
Summary: scuba mayhem
A very entertaining film with a great cast. Sing Jai is a thief and conman caught siphoning money from Shing Fu Ons' casino. The latter sends him to burgle his uncles will (as he has left all his money to an unknown female cousin from Paris) leading to some very funny cat-burgler scenes and tight black outfits. Meanwhile, Shing Fu Ons' evil cousin (a young and thin Wong Chow Sang) has transformed recycler Rubbish Feng (Sandra Ng) into a fake niece from Paris Chao Fei Fei in a plot to embezzle the family fortune. When Vincent Han Wan Sing (Chiaus fake identity) is sprung by the Tai Chi uncle he gets dressed up in a frilly frenchmaids outfit and seduces Sandra Ngs' character with his hip swivelling. All this leads to a fake engagement and a gorgeous wedding scene and lots of hilarious farce. Sandra Ng is a formidable comedic talent and a fine match for Sing Jai. The finale, set on a diving boat is one of my all-time favourite action comedy scenes, using diving gear in creative and hilarious ways.