Kung Fu Cult Master (1993)
Reviewed by: BMChu168 on 2000-09-18
Summary: In Defense For The Best Jet Li Movie Ever!
Yes, I will gladly repeat the above statement again: Kung Fu Cult Master is the best Jet Li movie I have ever seen! Yes, it was even better than Fist of Legend, Tai-Chi Master, Fong Sai Yuk, and whatever else you can throw at me. I've seen almost all of Jet Li's movies and this is the best that I've seen so far. The critics blasted the makers of the movie for making the plot of the original Chinese novel too convoluting to be truly enjoyed by the fans. While that is true, those that never saw or read the original story could enjoy this movie very easily. What is so confusing about this movie? Most of the information that confuses you isn't even relevant to the story so ignore it if it bothers you that much. Those who seem to hate the movie fail to acknowledge the original score and soundtrack or the action that comes along with the movie. The fight scenes are indeed epic, such as the scenes where the 6 schools raid the Ming Sect. in an attempt to end the riots to the government. It is indeed quite a grand scene. For those just looking for a good fight that can display Jet's true abilities, there is one that particularly stands out in front of others. A student of Shaolin challenges Jet's character to a fight. What follows is one of the best fight scenes I have ever seen Jet do. In my opinion, the wires and the fireballs add to the action, not detract from it. I enjoyed how Wong Jing's usual brand of humor was not a noticeable presence in the making of the movie. This movie was the first kung fu movie I ever saw and the movie that singlehandedly got me interested in other Jet Li and kung fu movies from HK. The story isn't all that impossible to comprehend either, though I'll admit it's not easy. However, once you've watched it as many times as I have, the plot should be a piece of cake to you. I would recommend this movie again and again. For those that don't get the story at first, make use of what you do know and watch the movie for the action, musical score, or anything else instead of complaining to yourself about the plot. If you do so, then you just may enjoy it enough to watch it again, which you should then fully understand after the second viewing. For those that are truly intelligent, then you should feel the same way as I do about the movie. Oh yes, I'll gladly explain the story to you if it bothers you so much that you hate it as much some of you do! It's truly a shame and a disappointment that a sequel was never made after this one! Overall, I will give this movie the grade that it truly deserves, in my opinion and my opinion only:
Reviewer Score: 9