City Hunter (1993)
Reviewed by: BMChu168 on 2000-10-02
Summary: A Great Comedic Effort!
This movie has got to be one of the funniest Jackie Chan movies I have ever seen. With an all-star cast, Wong Jing makes this one of the funniest movies he's ever made without crossing over the lines of bad taste. The character development is indeed a little shallow here with Leon Lai's character, but perhaps it was meant that way to give his character a mysterious edge. The plot makes sense and flows smoothly throughout the movie with all of the laughs along the way. The action sequences are just mediocre with really only the last fight scene between Jackie Chan and Richard Norton being the only spectacular fight sequence in the movie. Watch this movie more for its comedy and not for its action. The 2 funniest scenes in the movie have to be the Street Fighter scene and the scene where one of the baddies turns out to be a homosexual (included only in the DVD version of the movie). I would honestly like to recommend this movie to all of those viewers out there who're just looking for a feel-good movie to relax to and get a lot of good laughs in.
Reviewer Score: 10