King of Comedy (1999)
Reviewed by: lordmanji on 2000-10-30
This movie has what many others don't, and this quality is a trademark within Stephen Chiau Sing's movies: heart. While the only other recent Chiau Sing movie i have seen was God of Cookery, I found that movie to be what another reviewer best put as "full of spite." In KoC, as in All for the Winner, Stephen's character is made real through selective glimpses into his life. KoC does not intend to be funny, but it IS funny. It is actually a serious movie but comedic happenings as Chiau Sing himself described it. And this works brilliantly: while other movies overblow it on sentimentality into the realm of implausibilty and inaccurary, never once does this occur in KoC. Instead, the character is easily indentifiable with, and his motivations are crystal clear. His interaction with Cecilia's character is a pleasure to watch, as her acting skills (and her) are a sight to behold. Together, they mesmerize us and the age difference is never quite too noticeable.

I really have nothing for praise for this movie, but there is one glaring criticism i must voice: the ending isn't too satisfactory as it abruptly happens, nor is the plot twist involving a certain character ( i wont say who) nor is the symbolic climax of Sing Jai's character's acting ability founded evenly, as I was confused because the twist is just so sudden.

Still, great works are often criticized because it is so great that one slight flaw is scrutinized exceedingly more than it normally would be. KoC is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen, and as a result I am starting a Sing Jai collection, beginning with All for the Winners(if i can ever find it!)
Watch it!