Needing You ... (2000)
Reviewed by: lordmanji on 2000-11-15
Light and whimsical, Needing You starts out as a very entertaining romantic comedy, but somehow at the end it's almost fulfilled promise takes a unexpected detour into the realm of implausibility and confusion.

Andy Lau is one of the top two managers of a respected firm, and Sammi Cheng is a geeky but beautiful white-collar employee under Andy. The story is built around their budding love, and also the events around them, such as the gossip-ridden workplace or the super handsome billionaire, Roger.

Sammi does an outstanding job as Kinki, as she gives her character much personality through her immature handling of situations, such as cleaning when mad. Andy does what he always does - gets the job done.
Watching these two stumble their way towards each other in often hilarious and sincere scenes such as when Andy eats all the exotic food for Sammi. Also, the characters were easily the main attractions here, as each oozed with personality, from the people at the sales office to the prospective buyer from China. Of course, Andy and Sammi's characters are the center of attention here, and part of the reason why they are so appealing is that they are believable in their roles, Kinky as needy and quirky, and Andy as also needy but more pragmatic and with clear vision for the future of him and his company.

Yet, as good as most of the movie is, severe problems develop as the movie attempts to tie the ending like a fairytale, neat, pretty, and perfect. When Andy gets in trouble because the rival sales manager and his boss want to frame him, the question must be asked why would they want to frame him? Also, when Kinki seeks help for Andy through Roger, suddenly she is whooshed away to be married on a gigantic yacht, yet it is never explained why Roger, a sensible guy, would ever want to marry Kinky since she had made it clear she wanted Andy. Also, instead of them answering the question, another question is asked why Sammi would prefer Andy over Roger. Although this does server a purpose of giving grounds to their love for each other, the root problem still remains: why is she whisked away on a boat to marry Roger and how can that possibly help Andy? These conflicts are all based on suspect basis, as it goes against everything the rest of the film was, that being sufficiently detailed and realistic, yet still retaining some whimsical aspects such as Sammi's charm and it's magic.

Another fault in this movie also occurs towards the end of the film, where Andy is on the way to rescue Kinky from marriage and his car breaks down only to have a mysterious white clothed motorcyclist come to His rescue, informing Andy that he was once burned, now his mission is to help people like Andy. While at first the whimsical aspects of the movie were light and spread evenly throughout, this scene is wholely unbelievable as it pours in too much fantasy when the rest of the film spread it thin. The final scene where Andy gives up his work for Sammi also is sketchy and paradoxical. Sammi was attracted to Andy because of his personality good looks, but not only that - she was also attracted to his success. Andy was built up the entire movie as a workaholic. While they may have fallen in love, Andy's subsequent apathy towards his job is unbelievable and foolish, something Andy's character was the total opposite in the rest of the movie - the good parts.

Basically, the ending compromised the film, but the 2/3's of it leading up the botched ending were funny, entertaining and the characters were the true stars, as they were given so much personality. It's too bad that the ending contradicted everything the good parts of the movie built up, and in the end was Too ungrounded that it ruined the film from a better review.