Those Were the Days (2000)
Reviewed by: lordmanji on 2000-11-22
Summary: Entertainment w/ Depth
Those Were The Days.

Simplistic in appearance, but with much depth underneath the superficial surface. What is produced is pure entertainment with some depth.

TWTD is a spinoff of the Young and Dangerous series, detailing the life And love of San Gai, otherwise known as Cock (or Chicken). It is a coming of age story and hopes to flesh out Chicken's character, going back into his past to give light on what made him become the man he is today. And much of who he was is due to his growing up experience.

The reason he became a goo wak jai is explained in his poverty-level upbringing and his residence, as he lived in a poor area, the cops labeled him as a rascal, and as he was poor and also bullied by others, to become a rascal as he explained it was the only way to protect himself.

But the story also explors another side, the softer side of San Gai in his relationship with Gee, the crush next door. Develooping from childhood, their love is true and pure but repeatedly interrupted by his choice; his life as a goo wak jai.

A main conflict in the story is which path Chicken should take: the love of Gee, or to become a self-made man. However, Chicken ultimately chooses both and the ending is a result of that choice.

That is actually how deep the TWTD is. Now for the surface, the acting all fits in very nicely, and key moments are enhanced by the stellar soundtrack done by Jordan Chan (san gai). Although some scenes are overly corny, and towards the end it verges on unbelievability, the coherence of the plot remains consistent throughout and Chicken's character is brought into a whole new light, one in which we feel for him beyond a rascal, but as a person in love as well.

In conclusion, the best Hk flick I've seen and i've obtained a new appreciaton for San Gai.