Love on Delivery (1994)
Reviewed by: llm316 on 2000-11-28
This movie is one of Sing Jai's funniest movie, in order to get most of the jokes however, you have to be familiar with HK Kung fu Cinema as a whole, and be able to understand the references (which the english subs does a poor job of portraying). THe Final fight scene cracks me up everytime I see it, and also the two announcer reading off a porno novel is hillarious.

Chow plays a delivery boy who falls in love with the Martial Art school's prettiest girl, unfortunately, she somehow think of him as a wuss, and along came a poser Karate boy with some mean skillz (he litteraly beat up EVERYBODY) as a rival, thrown in an old man getting his ass kicked at a Jacky Cheung concert for endorsing Leon, and also some funky Kungfu references (heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber) and you got and insanely goofy movies that is throughly enjoyable, one of my all time favorite.

DId I mention garfield Mask thunder/fire wheel of death?