Faithfully Yours (1988)
Reviewed by: sarah on 2000-12-14
Summary: Three men and a babe
An amusing but somewhat insignificant comedy starring Sing Jai, Jacky Cheung and Max Mok as three friends who all fall in love with Cheung Man and some how get her pregnant one drunken evening without knowing which one of them "did it". Jacky Cheung is a hairdresser, Max Mok is a fashion designer and Sing Jai sells insurance, although he is also a feng shui master on the side. Richard Ng is Cheung Mans' avaricious father who tries to take advantage of all three, to further his daughters chances of winning Ms Hong Kong. I laughed quite a few times especially at yet another Chinese opera with vacuum cleaners scene, but on the whole it would have been a better movie without Max Mok or Jacky Cheung.