Okinawa: Rendez-vous (2000)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2001-01-03
Summary: Excellent piece of work
This is a good film and those who disagree obviously had expectation which were unreasonable or they can not cope with something new in terms of style, content and genre - you people should just stick to Andy Lau style romantic comedy or cheapo badly directed action films.

The story revolves around several characters and shows their love interests and one of the guys is a cop and the other a robber. Tony Leung Ka Fai does a brilliant job as the cop and does not over do it as is easily possible.

The director makes good use of the locations and the shots and camera angles are very reminiscent of japanese films - good natural lighting and minimal decorative complacations as to illuminate the main characters and not the set

Highly recomended.