A Better Tomorrow (1986)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2001-01-03
Summary: A woo-testical film
The Dictator does a good job in telling his actors what to do. Especially that Chow yun fat guy, John Woo tells him what to do like the man he is. And for Leslie Cheung, well I am sure John did a good work out on him eventhough it was unnecessary as Cheung is the naturally submissive kind of guy, but never the less John still "beat his ass into submission".

The story involves a couple of guys doing things to each other - in some cases these things are not very nice and they are unnatural and can get arrested in certain countries and put behind bars. At which point even more unnatural things can occur.

The best bit is when Chow gets his piece out and does some damage with it. So many people have not gone down since Bill Clinton was in the white house.

At the end there is a right ol' bashing. Jolly good it was too. Even the Italians would be impressed, but I am not too sure about the Vietnamese, coz they really kick ass - in real life, with real guns mmm hai.