Dragon Lord (1982)
Reviewed by: dragyn on 2001-03-31
Summary: Martial Sport Extravaganza
Jackie Chan claimed that when he made "Dragon Lord", he was attempting to try something new; something that would be different, and stand out from all the run-of-the-mill chop-socky flicks that dominated the Hong Kong movie industry at the time. To do this, he used sports to replace the more traditional martial-arts-based action.

The result was not a box office hit, and many critics dislike the distinct lack of hand-to-hand combat. However, the skillfully choreographed "shuttlecock" games are a treat to watch as Chan and his team of stuntmen fall and tumble over one another in brilliant mayhem. The games used in the film were in fact invented by Chan.

At the end of "dragon Lord", Chan gives in, and once again resorts to using far more traditional action when he pits himself against Wang Inn Sikk, a Korean exponent of Hapkido. Wang Inn Sikk's hard, grounded martial arts possess a very different flavour to the elastic, acrobatic, comedic style favoured by Chan. Definitely a fight worth watching.