Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989)
Reviewed by: dragyn on 2001-03-31
Summary: Remake of Frank Capra Classic
"Mr. Canton and Lady Rose" is a warm-hearted, feel-good action comedy, with chocolate-box directing by Jackie Chan himself. It lacks the action-packed feel of many of Chan's more famous films, but possesses a definite, old-fashioned charm of its own.

Chan himself freely admits that he made this movie as "homage" to Frank Capra's classics, "Lady For a Day" and "A Pocket Full of Miracles". In some countries, "Mr. Canton" is even called "Miracles", after Capra's film. Personally, I'm not a great Capra fan, and I actually found Chan's version more watchable than Capra's, not because of sets of costumes or dialogue - but because of Chan himself. He is amazing, moving easily from comedy to action to drama, without missing a beat.

Interestingly, Chan wanted to use "Mr. Canton and Lady Rose" to prove that he could direct something other than just action, and he does prove his point. There are a lot of big, bold, sweeping steadicam shots, which suit the great period sets.

(10/10) for movie
(6/10) for action