Who Am I? (1998)
Reviewed by: dragyn on 2001-03-31
Summary: Jackie Makes a Hollywood Blockbuster - in Hong Kong
"Who Am I?" seems very much like a film that has been made in Hong Kong - but for American fans.

Of course, it is this slide into "Westerness" that Hong Kong film fans dislike so much. In Hong Kong today, so many actors and direcotrs seem to be selling themselves out to Hollywood critics and audiences, and casting artistic integrity by the wayside. Arguably, Jackie Chan has been doing this for some time: "First Strike", "Rumble in the Bronx", and "Mr. Nice Guy" are all perefect examples of the Hollywood movie made in Hong Kong.

But this time, Chan seems to be even more determined to out-Hollywood Hollywood than ever: he has everything, from a big budget to American dialogue. The film is even shot in English language.

Unfortunately, as many a Chan fan knows, Chan is never better than when he is himself - not Clint Eastwood, not Bruce Lee, not a Hollywood star; just himself. Here, he fails to be himself at all - even his trademark humour is gone, leaving the movie with a much darker flavour than I expected to see in a Chan movie. I think he should stop playing at being thisngs he isn't, and let us enjoy him as himself again.