Armour of God (1986)
Reviewed by: dragyn on 2001-02-18
Summary: The Movie That Almost Killed Jackie Chan
When I first saw "Armour of God", I saw the cut, dubbed version. I had heard great things about the movie, and felt somehow disappointed. It wasn't as good as I had expected. Then I saw the uncut, subbed version, and it was considerably more enjoyable; not only was there no annoying whiny dubbing, but there were also several extra scenes included that hadn't been in the dubbed version. However, "Armour of God" is still not one of my favourite Jackie Chan movies, though it is by no means bad.

Director Eric Tsang directed the first half of the film, but Jackie rebelled against his methods and filmed the seconds half himself. The slightly incoherent and jumbled plot and sudden change of pace are presumably due to this sudden change of direction.

The last quarter of the film, however, takes place inside the bad guys' HQ inside a mountain, and the fights that take place there are as spectacular as much of Chan's other work.

One interesting thing to note is that this film nearly killed Chan. He was supposed to jump from a castle wall to a tree, but he slipped to the rocks below, splitting his skull. A shard of his skull pushed up into his brain, and he had to be rushed to hospital. He still has a hole in his head now, which he's very fond of showing to interviewers and fans.

(7 and a half/10)
Reviewer Score: 7