Running Out of Time (1999)
Reviewed by: tcooc on 2001-02-27
Summary: This is a must see movie for everyone!
This is a must see movie for everyone! This movie is about Andy, who has some kind of sickness. For some reasons, he wants Sean to notice him and arrests him for his crimes. Sean, the police, is very funny in this movie. He talks and does funny things. Did Andy die at the end? Don't know cause the directors nowadays never finish the whole story. They always want us to think whatever we want. Anyway, this is a really great movie. Yoyo Mung is really cute and sexy in this movie! I wonder if she ever thought of becoming a singer some day. If she does, I would definitely support her. Keep up the good work Yoyo. She is so beautiful at the end of the movie! She acts really good throughout the whole movie even through she only had a small part!