Intruder (1997)
Reviewed by: GlennS on 2001-04-08
Summary: Cat III Nastiness At Its Best
Blood, suspense and a dead dog: what more can you ask for in a slasher flick? Wu Chien-Lien stars as a woman who kills a mainland prostitute to take over her identity and enter Hong Kong. She meets up with an out of work cab driver (Wayne Lai) for one night of passion but it turns out to be several days of torture for the unfortunate Lai.

Yes it sounds like Stephen King's MISERY but unlike MISERY, we don't find out Wu's motivation until later in the film. Which is good because the film becomes a suspense amidst the ongoing bloodbath about midway through. The film deserves its Cat III rating due to the violence (mutilated bodies and blood drainage from a corpse being two examples) and poor Wayne Lai is usually the recipient. If your looking for a film that has a lot of bad things done to good people, then INTRUDER is for you.

Reviewer Score: 8