Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)
Reviewed by: GlennS on 2001-04-08
Summary: Better Than I Expected
Combining the LUCKY STARS and ACES GO PLACES franchises sounded like a good idea, so I checked this film out. And I'm glad I did.

A Japanese arms dealer is selling his hardware and the transaction is happening in Hong Kong. The Royal HK police don't want to get involved so Superintendant Walter Cho calls up his old friend Kidstuff (Sammo Hung) to re-form the Lucky Stars to break the case.

Unfortunately, the Fuk Sing aren't interested and decide to rob a bank instead (they get caught of course). So Kidstuff forms a so-called "Lucky Stars: Next Generation" with Top Dog (Alan Tam), Lambo (Andy Lau), Fat Cat (Kent Cheng), Long Legs (Anthony Chan) and Lobiggen (Billy Lau). This being a LUCKY STARS spinoff, there's a requisite cute babe (Maria Tung) that the boys try to cop a feel off of.

The ACES GO PLACES part of the equation comes in when Kidstuff chances upon his childhood sweetheart, Quito (Sylvia Chang). But her hubby Baldy (Karl Maka)doesn't take too kindly to this and feuds with Kidstuff in a few hilarious encounters (which includes an insane asylum!)

Of course our heroes' cross paths with the baddies and the action kicks into high gear.

Great mix of comedy and action and the pseudo Lucky Stars' antics are hilarious and they deserved a film of their own. If your a fan of the two film series, definitely pick this one up.


Reviewer Score: 8