Pink Bomb (1993)
Reviewed by: GlennS on 2001-04-08
Summary: Where's the "Pink Bomb" in this movie?
A born again Christian (Waise Lee) leads a diverse tour group to Thailand for some R 'n R. The group includes a meter maid (Cynthia Khan), teacher (Loletta Lee), cabbie (Lau Ching-Wan), make up girl (Fennie Yuen) and a former Triad (Dayo Wong).

Of course if you've seen enough HK films, taking a trip to Thailand usually turns out to be hazardous to one's health and this film's no different. The group runs into a teenage prostitute (Gloria Yip) who possesses some counterfeit dough which belongs to some Thai gangsters. The gang ends up chasing the entire group, leading to a ho-hum finale.

This run of the mill action/comedy has a couple of things going in it's favor: great chemistry between the group and some hilarious flashback sequences where the various tour group members recall their most unforgetable moments.

Reviewer Score: 6