The Conmen in Vegas (1999)
Reviewed by: GlennS on 2001-04-16
Summary: Kelly Lam: This Generation's Chingmy Yau?
I know I shouldn't have liked this movie as much as I did, as there wasn't much action, plot or classic laugh-out-loud moments typical of a Wong Jing flick. However there were six things about CONMAN IN VEGAS that make me give it a generic Siskel and Ebert (or is that an Ebert and Roeper) two thumbs up:

1. Andy Lau plays his usual charming self and he has a knack of displaying chemistry with about anybody he co-stars with.

2. Natalis Chan is actually funny for a change, though he still plays his typical 'horny guy who can't get laid' character.

3. Almost no Nick Cheung in this film. Man, this guy sucks.

4. Wong Jing has a hilarious cameo as an x-rated director. As the real director, he keeps the movie flowing and exciting.

5. Li Fei displays some wonderful acrobatics and is hot to boot. Can't wait to see her in some more action movies, as she looks like a woman that can kick anybody's ass.

6. Last but not least, the real reason to watch CONMAN IN VEGAS: Kelly Lam. Where does Wong Jing FIND these babes?!!
She's absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell. Just check out the scene where she practice's on Andy Lau to seduce the bad guy. An absolute scorcher. With some trip-hop playing in the background, she removes Andy's shirt buttons with her teeth, then proceeds to hop on top of him and heat up the screen.

Kelly's acting needs more work and her dialogue is dubbed, but her perfomance here was so hot I bought her showcase VCD. Can you tell I'm an instant Kelly Lam fan? (HA! HA!) But seriously, I think she has the potential to be the next Chingmy Yau.

Get CONMAN IN VEGAS, especially if you're a guy.

8/10 (Kelly gets a perfect 10)
Reviewer Score: 8