Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone (2000)
Reviewed by: jasonlau128 on 2001-05-21
Summary: Very Good, Now Sit
This is something different. I won't go into the details the other reviewers have gone into about the superficial aspects of this film. I will say it does entertain you and is very enjoyable to watch and unlike many of HK's films is different, original and unexpected. Leung's performance was very good - he did not over do it, when he easily could have with such a role, as is often seen as many of the actors are trying to fill void of "the Number One comedy actor" since Stephen Chow is hardly working.

It is verging on the Cat III, because of the nudity, but it somehow gets away with IIB, which is quite unusual since HK film authorities are normally very concerned when they see tits.

Great film - go watch it.

PS your lady friend was a devil in the sack.