All Night Long (1989)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-06-17
Summary: 7.5/10-I liked this film
Now, I would disagree with the view that this film is bad. I actually quite enjoyed it. Sure, the females do scream a hell lot, but I thought it added to the satire-ish tone of the film.

The plot: Carol Cheung is a rather conservative, single teacher who one night firstly gets chased by a gang of wannabe rapists, then hops into the car of a wounded robber (Manfred Wong). When the robber dies in a supermarket store, Carol and three other women are forced to work together to hide the body, and get the cash.

I thought this film was pretty funny-I actually thought it was a comedy until I looked at this site, and noticed it is listed a drama. It's pretty over-the-top, with some nice twists, like during the car chase where both cars end up in front of the police station. I liked the Blues Brothers inspired chase about three-quarters of the way through, and Stanley Fung I thought did a great job as the lead bad guy. The acting is pretty good generally, and while there are some flat spots, where the film gets bogged down by too much dialogue, overall it's a pretty quirky, entertaining film.