The Wrong Couples (1987)
Reviewed by: Cissi on 2001-06-21
Summary: 7/10-Nice drama
The best thing about this film was that it could have easily slid into melodrama. Fortunately it doesn't, and insteads is an uncomplicated story about a devoted father.

This is more of a drama than a comedy, and the first time I have ever seen Richard Ng shed tears in a movie-not once, but about three times! It's the most serious role I've seen him in yet, and he does a great job as the father. At first I was looking forward to seeing Josephine Siao and Richard Ng together on screen, because they are two fantastic actors, but I was disappointed with Josephine Siao's role-she didn't do a great deal except babble incoherently from time to time. Oh, and dump water on her boss.

Fortunately the film focuses mainly on Richard Ng and Josephine Siao, as the others were mainly predicatable stock characters, like the high-achieving, materialist ex-wife, and the smug, nasty boss, played by Paul Chun. The story is a simple, touching one, with a nice happy ending that can bring a few tears to your eyes. A very watchable drama.
Reviewer Score: 7